The Women’s Campaign Fund builds good government at all levels using 100% of America’s talent, wisdom, and skill.

We are a group of people from all political parties and a range of ethnic and other perspectives who commit to 50/50 representation by women and men in elected offices nationwide by 2028. Not a quota. Just a common-sense concept.

WCF also operates the 50/50 PAC for women candidates. Not just any women. A diverse group of women with a variety of life experiences – and the proven ability to reach common ground solutions.

Why wait?

That’s the big question.  And it drove a bold decision.  It’s time to commit to gaining ground more than a few feet at a time#5050×2028 is now our full-time job.

When that’s your decision, it’s not about what you’ve done before. It’s about figuring out what you’re going to need to do to get it done now.

Get it done.

While you may need to maintain a big vision to get there, you cannot get the job done without paying attention to the little picture. First things first.  Facts, communications, a plan, a map.  Then enough people who believe in the mission – led by seasoned pros who know the territory – to take you through whatever you’re likely to meet on the road ahead. That’s what WCF’s five programs and key initiatives are designed to do.

What it takes.

#5050×2028 takes guts.  It means you have to be willing to move away from one issue or another. One party or another.  It means strengthening the underlying platform on which all our biggest challenges are met.  So WCF set a big goal for getting women into office and set criteria to ensure they have the goods to make better decisions in government and create lasting change.

What it means.

At the end of the day, #5050×2028 means no one needs to speak for all women, for all men, for all experiences, nor for all topics. #5050×2028 means gaining real ground: the ability of individual women to speak for themselves, working in roughly equal numbers with men, in every party, every elected office, at every level of government.

What about you?

Invest with us in that future. Let’s get this done!


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