"Excited by the rapidly accelerating transformative impact of technology."


Innovative, Solutions Driven Leader

I utilize my experience and expertise as a leader with 30 years of experience in the technology field to help organizations generate value and achieve sustainable growth. I have worked at both startup and Fortune 100 enterprise scale. 

A corporate leader and intrapreneur at SAP and Gartner. An entrepreneur with successful exits, including IBM as an acquirer. Business transformation consultant with Fortune 500 companies. Venture Capital operator. This combined experience gives me a distinct perspective on achieving success. 

My board experience includes for profit and not for profit boards in the US, UK and Denmark. 

My strengths are in launching, scaling and operating sustainable software and professional services businesses serving multiple industries. I enjoyed leading extensive global client engagements driving digital transformation of finance, supply chain and manufacturing operations across multiple industries. I am excited about the transformative impact technologies such as SaaS, IoT, Edge and AI/ML will make.

My international experience encompasses living and working in US, UK, Europe and Scandinavia, with global leadership responsibilities.

Enabling People to Grow

As a motivational and collaborative leader, I work towards fostering a sense of community. My international grounding allows me to understand diversity in its broadest sense. I am passionate about coaching, mentoring, and helping people develop and advance their careers. This led me to co-found and sponsor one of Gartner’s first at-scale corporate networking and professional programs for women in IT and Supply Chain and I continue donate my time to mentor and coach developing entrepreneurs. 

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