"Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities."
Robert H. Schuller

Manager with cultural understanding


Trust, compassion, and understanding are core principles in my approach to life and relationships. Strongly influenced by my herbalist father, my education began early in life when he showed me the organs of slaughtered animals. With his herb catalog at my side, I grew a keen interest in healing and medicine.

I had two tours of Summer Programs at the NIH for basic science followed by a clinical rotation and later followed by NIH sponsored Nanotechnology course in utilization of PET in animal and human experimentation.

As an MD, I built my career foundation in cardiology. I was allowed by NIH to complete didactic aspect of cardiology fellowship before returning to integrate clinical practice and research to later, pursuing a professional path as a Physician-Scientist. While long distance traveling for NIH tours was energy and time demanding, I found the experience to becoming a Physician and a Scientist challenging, it was a beneficial accomplishment. I strive to explore ways to deliver favorable patient outcomes as I implement recently gained information in Management and Executive Education and move forward to next level of authority and greater responsibility.

Recent accomplishments include receiving certifications on how to conduct evidence- based research and writing a persuasive cover letter for manuscripts.

I contribute whenever possible in supporting premedical, medical students, and medical and radiology residents. Previous experience includes serving as an abstract research judge for the AMA and AHA and presenting the essence of medicine to High School students.

Notably, I’ve participated in the National Advocacy Conference (AMA) and on the Health Sciences Advisory Council (NYP/CUMC.) I hold a BS in Chemistry, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry with a focus on biomedical research and certification in Nuclear Cardiology.

Making A Difference In The Modern World

My goal is to work in partnership with the academic community to further medical device and drug development for those with severe and life-threatening cardiovascular health conditions.

Always open to new opportunities, I welcome connections with business and academic leaders for constructive feedback, mentoring, support, and other resources to move forward and to make a difference in today’s exciting modern medical environment.

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