"If you are not different, you better have a good price"


I’m an opportunity creator with experience working in commercial, national, and international capacities to take companies and organizations to the next level while leading the way for lasting, sustainable growth. 

Specializing in FMCG, my result-driven orientation, innovative mindset, and analytical processes empower me to tackle tasks while remaining grounded financially.

Opportunity Creator

I’m enthusiastic about innovation and driving things forward. I enjoy working with those who share a “Yes, we can” attitude when approaching issues and obstacles that are barriers to reaching goals and objectives. Working as a team helps bring out the best in everyone involved and creates opportunities for everyone to shine.

Notable career achievements include turning around a food production facility with a significant structural loss to transforming it into a profitable company within one year by installing a new management team.

Visionary Team Leader

I take an “out of the box” approach in leadership roles. Proactive and engaged in the current trends, I’m not afraid to press boundaries to pursue new avenues and possibilities for business development in B2B and B2C marketing segments and verticals. 

I’m a passionate and motivated leader who strives to build stronger relationships and connect with people to create “win-win” situations. When working with highly-motivated teams, I seek to bring out the best with my visionary thinking, years of experience, and open-mindedness.

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Wiro Sterk

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