"It always seems impossible until it's done."
Nelson Mandela


Winona is a 29-year-old Senior Creative at Wieden + Kennedy London. Born and raised in multicultural Singapore, Winona has always prided herself in creating culture-first ideas: She’s created Singapore’s 1st inclusive sex education platform with SexEd.Gay, breathed new life into Southeast Asian traditions through gaming campaigns like Teemo Treasure Trek, challenged Singaporeans to decolonise their history with Refound Singapore, and advocated for the criminalisation of marital rape with #PleaseArrestMe. More recently, she made global headlines with #NepoBB – an AI search engine which kickstarted discussions on nepotism’s role in career advancement.

Her work has been awarded over 30 times at international creative festivals like the One Show, Clios, LIA, D&AD and Cannes Lions — even bagging Singapore’s 1st nomination for a Glass Lion. In 2022, she moved halfway across the world to London with Wieden+Kennedy, where she’s currently working on social & digital-first ideas while co-leading W+K London’s LGBTQIA+ affinity group, the Ginger Beers (cockney slang for Queer).

Prior to joining Wieden, Winona started her advertising career in her home country of Singapore at agencies like BBH & Ogilvy – where she nurtured young talents as a BBH Barn mentor and influenced change as a Young Turk on the junior management board at Ogilvy.

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