"Rules are for other people. Not that we should recklessly disregard rules or laws, but we should not allow rules or laws to be excuses for us to avoid making a difference everywhere we can."

Champion of Exceeding Limitations and Expectations


At a very young age, I knew I wanted to follow a career path in public policy and contribute to making measurable improvements and opportunities for other African-Americans.

Compassionate Advocate

As a compassionate advocate for others, one of my greatest pleasures (and achievements) is witnessing people I’ve worked with overcome mediocre expectations and rise above, reaching goals and attaining extraordinary achievements. My proudest moments are when I learn of the accomplishments of my peers, children, and protégés.

I feel strongly about treating everyone with respect and decency, regardless of their current station in life.

Visionary Leader

I have extensive experience working in Board roles, including having served on the Board of Trustees as Secretary, Chair of the External Relations Committee, Vice-Chair of the University Affairs Committee, and a member of the Personnel Committee at the University of North Carolina. 

Other notable leadership roles include serving on the Graduate Education Advancement Board, the Board of Advisors of the School of Journalism and Media, and the Board of Directors of the Journalism and Media Foundation.

My efforts helped create the Leadership Institute. This initiative established exposure and experiences which helped underrepresented student populations to thrive in the classroom and beyond. 

As a man of faith and conviction, I’m proud to serve in a leadership and board role at the NC Study Center Christian ministry. This ministry provides fellowship and offers various programs, including the annual Wilberforce Conference, where I’ve been a speaker. 

I take great pride in having coached young men to the highest achievements, even when no one else saw the potential. Sometimes, not even the young men themselves. Along their paths to success, no one fought harder for them than me.


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