"What's dangerous, is not to evolve."
Jeff Bezos

Enabler of businesses to grow in 
 ever-changing environments


An adept enterprise risk professional, I have extensive experience in corporate risk strategy. Having built dynamic teams, I excel in leadership roles. My expertise includes serving in business partnership roles and as a trusted advisor to institutional clients, corporate boards, and senior management.

My initiatives help navigate meaningful transformations through collaboration. My project management skills have consistently and positively impacted cross-functional projects to improve systems and processes. I help those I work with to prepare for tomorrow today. 

Ambassador for Positive Change

I am passionate and driven to succeed in all endeavors. When you analyze and approach problems in the same way, you can’t be surprised when you get similar results. 

In business, proper timing is essential, so taking an asymmetrical concept and forming it into a turnaround situation often takes an unbiased, external viewpoint. I always welcome the chance to analyze issues and approach obstacles from different perspectives.  

Innovative Problem Solver 

I effectively communicate viewpoints and concepts with corporate and private stakeholders, helping to bridge gaps, establish strategies, and uncover new growth opportunities. 

By listening to all stakeholders, I help open up avenues, explore alternative solutions, and be more successful in multiple ways. 

Holistic Advocate

Active in my community, I am a holistic advocate who enjoys the challenge of empowering business growth in ever-changing and sometimes unpredictable operating environments. 

When solutions are needed, I listen to feedback, analyze the situation, and connect the dots, ultimately arriving at more than one approach to effectively tackle the issues at hand. 

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