Umran Beba

Catalyst for Sustainable Change and Impact
"Every day is a new opportunity to create value for people and organizations for a better world."
Umran Beba


With nearly 35 years of experience in the Consumer Goods Industry, I am a seasoned senior business executive focusing on general management, talent, and diversity. Having worked and lived in four different countries and continents – Turkey, Hong Kong, UAE, and USA – I bring a cultural understanding that allows me to transcend borders and create strategic alignment between various facets of business.

A Catalyst for Sustainable Change and Impact, I strive to leave a positive legacy for the future. I firmly believe that prosperity lies in embracing change, fostering innovation, and uplifting every individual and community that forms a part of the organizational ecosystem.

Global Business Strategist
Throughout my journey, I have shouldered significant responsibilities as both a P&L and Human Capital leader. These roles have equipped me with a distinct blend of financial prowess and a deep appreciation for the power of human potential.

Value Creator for People and Organizations
My vision extends beyond mere short-term gains, consistently seeking to establish strong foundations that support long-term prosperity. In particular, I am keen on fomenting youth and women entrepreneurship.

Looking ahead, I am eager to take on new challenges and use my expertise to add value to commercial boards.


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