"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Champion of Purpose-Driven Strategy and Culture


I am passionate about helping companies carry out their mission, realize their vision, and define their purpose. I bring vast experience implementing culture, developing talent, and scaling marketplace strategies to leverage inclusion and diversity for global growth.

Transformation Champion

One of my strengths is championing a transformation in the enterprises and organizations where I work. Whether working with board members, executive, or middle-management teams, I discern and account for others’ world views with care and empathy. 

I believe that seeking creative solutions helps in outperforming and moving ahead of the competition. I welcome the chance to seize opportunities, contribute to the decision-making process, and tap into cultural differences to resolve conflicts. All of these factors contribute to building a strong organization that can withstand the tests of today.

My transformational work helps to address complicated socio-economic issues that assist in leveling the playing field for everyone. As an established author, public speaker, and trusted consultant, I capitalize on my influencer status by being a pacesetter in the industries and organizations I serve.

Visionary Thought Leader

As a visionary thought leader, I spearhead bias removal in existing systems using various approaches, including data interpretation for complex problems. 

I’ve collaborated with leadership teams in previous roles to develop marketplace strategies that leverage diversity, talent, and culture to establish global growth and enterprise. 

These initiatives include launching mentoring programs and resource groups and PR to drive internal engagement with under-represented and emerging demographics.

Currently, I’m open to serving on boards that wish to integrate more diversity and inclusion into their corporate or organizational structure for broader reach and affinity.

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