"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."
Bill Gates


As a results-oriented senior-level executive, I love spearheading new initiatives. I’m not afraid to buck trends and shift paradigms to pursue new opportunities to help companies and organizations excel in key growth areas.

Adding Value to Corporate Boards

Continuing to build on my career accomplishments, my interest is to leverage my insights and experience by serving on corporate boards. As a veteran of two multinational Fortune 100 companies, I’m acutely aware of the need to develop and execute global governance with the capacity for local ‘flavors’.

Global Leader

With a comprehensive understanding of technology combined with a genuine intellectual curiosity on how culture impact people, company, and industry decision making processes, I am in a unique position to help scale, transform, and formulate a blueprint for successful international growth. For companies and organizations I work with, these skills can translate into global success. 

Technology as a tool

I see the use of technology and its integration with people as a means of transforming and scaling businesses. This has allowed me to be successful in leading large service businesses in the Americas, EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions. My strength in utilizing technology to streamline operations and provide for a better customer experience helps clients achieve excellence.

Diversity is key

The importance of diversity and talent development is the key to sustainability. I delivered financial success, while building top-tier leadership teams incorporating dedicated DE&I initiatives at GE and Johnson & Johnson.

As a firm believer that corporate culture is truly the key sustainable competitive advantage, I understand that cultures must be respected, developed, and transformed, in both business and society.

International roles and having deep cultural roots in the Caribbean helped me develop, understand, and appreciate the opportunity to work with people from different cultures, a critical skill for growing revenues and business in new market segments.

Patron Of The Arts

In addition to working in the corporate world, I followed my passion and created ZuCot Gallery. This African-American Fine Art Gallery is now the largest of its kind in the Southeast of the United States. Visitors and patrons will find and can purchase collectable art with deep cultural relevance produced by some of the best living African American artists in the United States.  At ZuCot Gallery we believe that what you hang on your walls reflects who you are, it is a window into your values, beliefs, and your convictions… COME . . . SEE . . . COLLECT.

I take pride in leveraging my technical background as a trained Aerospace Engineer and my passion as the creator of an Art Gallery to bring about balance which results in favorable outcomes in all roles where I serve.

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