"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. "
Albert Einstein


My life has been a journey of reinvention and discovery, driven by my passions and curiosity. I have spearheaded the development and launch of new products, piloted new business models, developed campaigns, and managed product portfolios and channel marketing programs. In recent years, I have been deeply involved in managing transformation initiatives, always seeking new growth opportunities that challenge me and the teams I work with.

I have found great satisfaction in helping others make an impact by embracing new practices and technologies. I ground myself in the present, appreciate the past, and focus on the future. I value creativity and bringing concepts to life, and I can be incredibly pragmatic and detailed when needed because details and context matter to me.  This allows me to cultivate great relationships with those I work with and informs how I approach problem-solving.

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Tracey Glenn Pashley

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