"The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena."
Tim Cook


Managing wealth – it’s a complicated matter and, when engaging an advisor, expertise and trust are key. 

Twenty years of investment banking experience has given me the background needed to offer a holistic financial perspective. My clients include high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners, entrepreneurs, and foundations. Being a CPA adds the dimension of understanding all sides of my client’s financial picture. This unique background enables me to cover a wide range of financial planning and investment objectives, ranging from tax efficient wealth creation and transfer planning to modeling the sale phase of privately-owned businesses. 

My clients are those who are seeking an advisor who understands what wealth means to them; who provides individual attention, and can help grow and protect their family legacy. But, at the end of the day, it’s about navigating a path that boils things down to a clear vision of achieving financial goals without taking excessive risks. 

Societal trends and issues are a constant factor impacting our work and the advice I give to my clients. Personally, I am a strong believer in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing. Impact investing provides strong societal return but can also be an important part of a diversified portfolio.

I have become significantly involved with entrepreneurs, both as individuals and in groups, in helping them start, grow and scale their businesses. Being a member of Empowering a Billion Women (EBW), I serve as mentor and coach to several female founders. Realizing that women owned businesses receive only about 4% of all investment capital, I am using my background and affiliations to help change this and make connections. I am actively involved with Columbia University where I currently serve as president of the Columbia Business School Alumni Club.  This role gives me the ability to be an active supporter of those in entrepreneurial and corporate roles.

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