" To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace."


Inspirational, People-First Leader always looking ahead

By prioritizing the development of strong relationships with my team, I have been able to successfully guide businesses through complex challenges and achieve profitable growth. My leadership style is characterized by effective communication, relationship-building, and a dedication to collaboration. I value diverse perspectives and prioritize active listening to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and valued. As an inspiring role model, I aim to make valuable contributions to any organization and support the growth of aspiring leaders.

Re-inventing businesses to thrive into future

As a Fortune 100 Global Senior Executive, I have a wealth of experience in marketing strategic planning, operations, and digital enablement for a $63B+ HP Inc. business. I am a proven leader in accelerating growth through customer relationships and upskilling talent in Growth Marketing and data-driven critical thinking. My expertise provides valuable insights to boards seeking to reimagine, market, and monetize products/services while effectively communicating vision and value to stakeholders. My forward-thinking approach and ability to anticipate future challenges and opportunities through staying ahead of industry trends and emerging technologies enables me to develop innovative strategies for long-term success.

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Tara J Agen - HP - Hewlett Packard

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