"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. "
Sarah Ban Breathnach


Nationally recognized as a DEI executive, Tanya excels in strategic and systemic navigation, leading performance improvement, and driving revenue growth. Trusted advisor to boards and C-suite leaders, she is instrumental in leveraging and presenting DEI strategy in key business acquisitions. As a cultural change champion, Tanya leads award-winning initiatives for improved business performance with a purpose-driven, servant leadership approach and applies a philosophical framework: ‘Portal of entry into a culture is through its people.’

Tanya navigates as a strategic and systemic thinker, serving as a cultural change advocate and transformative-driven servant leader. Leveraging experience from social work and CEO roles, she excels in driving culture change and delivering robust results, achieving a 4% improvement in Net Promoter Score over five years, as the provider of choice across all customer populations.

Tanya serves as an executive leader on boards, committees, and task forces related to DEI. Named to Modern Healthcare’s 2021 honor roll of ‘Top 25 Women Leaders in Healthcare’, Tanya’s continued commitment is to driving positive cultural change and achieving outstanding results.

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Tanya Stewart Blackmon - Purpose Driven Servant Leader

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