"We work to expand the pool of female leaders worldwide by enhancing their confidence, capabilities, credibility and connections."


TalentNomics works toward reimagining leadership for modern workplaces in the global economy. We do this by developing and leveraging women leaders’ talents to their full potential and eliminating the gap in gender pay, and gender leadership. We believe that expanding the number of women in leadership will transform the workplace and the world. Our short-term goal is to successfully train 100,000 capable, confident, connected, and credible women leaders. We guide these women so that they can be influential change agents in organizations worldwide. We envision a world transformed by an expanded pool of women leadership talent.

Our Approach and Why it Matters

We strongly believe in the power of mentorship for leadership training and professional upliftment. We use the 4C Model for individual talent development and organizational success.

For individuals: Capable, Confident, Credible, Connected

For organizations: Capacity, Culture, Collaboration, Convergence

Connecting a multi-industry global network of female peers and mentors is at the epicenter of what we do. Our mentorship programs, conferences, and training workshops all inspire and connect women. We want to create a gender-balanced maturity index (GBMI), whilst spreading social benefits and connecting workplaces that champion women leaders.

The work we do may lead to higher GDP, expand the pool of leadership talent worldwide, create pay equity, and enhance organizational performance and competitiveness.

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