"Be bold and enjoy your victories."


Although I thoroughly enjoy what I’ve accomplished, I think my basic premise in business – to unite and forge relationships that are beneficial to all parties involved – applies to all arenas. Individual sectors tend to base everything they do on what they already know. Sometimes you can know too much about your niche, and a fresh perspective is what is needed to truly push forward.

My background in cultural studies has given me the ability to look beyond differences, and see instead the common denominators and human drivers. My expertise and experience have already proven crucial to the success of countless enterprises.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and could never give that up. The freedom that offers is invaluable to me. I’m in a position to offer advice and take a business to a higher level, an advisory role in which I can share my knowledge to advance the future success of a company or organization. Where I have the opportunity to share my expertise and my spirit.

I see myself as a growth hacker, a challenger, and I have always helped businesses and people who want to move forward do so. My network is quite extensive. When I recognize or suspect a match, I bring people together to set the wheels into motion.

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