"A leopard cannot change its spots"
Ancient Greek proverb

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Personally involved in the manufacturing sector for over 30 years with a family background in manufacturing, it’s something I understand but most importantly, believe in. 

I believe manufacturing needs to be promoted in a positive light. It’s going through a revolutionary period, transforming processes with digitization, Industry 4.0 and robotics. It’s a global issue, not a trend. Essential to our everyday lives, it’s still seen as an “uncool” industry and profession.

I now see myself as an Innovator of Content. How so?
Through the Industry Today platform I have created the opportunity to curate content that highlights specific changes in the industry and to share my perspective on the issues at hand.
It’s vital that the advantages of manufacturing, with so many exciting opportunities, are communicated to inspire the next generation to enter a profession that leads to rewarding careers.

The subjects I am most interested in are the multigenerational skills gap, sustainability in manufacturing and factories of the future and thirdly, exponential technologies in manufacturing. These are just a few subjects of the much more encompassing world of manufacturing, but they touch on a lot of issues that need to be dealt with.

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