"The highest form of knowledge is empathy for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s’ world"


I have always been interested in closing the gap, actual or perceived, between business leaders and the organization’s workforce. Leaders often focus on efficiencies and results while workers face real needs, such as a lack of resources or a safe work environment. I understand both perspectives, and I want to make a difference.


Wellness Advocate

I believe that the overall wellness of physicians and other clinical providers affects patient care. Patients, healthcare organizations, clinicians, and other healthcare workers are interconnected, each contributing to the success of the other. My diverse healthcare background and coaching skills provide me with a unique perspective to help bring about change that can lead to the overall greater good.

Using my ability to align strategy with business and organizational needs, I develop focused initiatives and provide tactical, grassroots solutions to improve the overall landscape of healthcare for patients and providers alike.


Equity Implementation Expert

I have a deep understanding of the healthcare system and how it works. I use my communication skills to bring people together and develop strategies that work, not just on paper but in real life too. My passion lies in making meaningful change happen by bridging the gap between business leaders and the employee workforce while offering practical solutions to implement equitable policies and procedures.

Every person should be treated fairly – with equitable pay and without bias. By pulling together to build an intentional and focused bias-proof system, we help ensure the clinical and healthcare professions can retain and attract qualified candidates into the industry.

As an agent of change, my objective is to make a constructive impact in the healthcare sector, utilizing my board abilities and expertise.

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Susan Leggett-Johnson

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