"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

Future-focused, People-centric Leader


Experienced driver of organizational change

With extensive experience in various organizations, I have served as the CEO as well as a senior administrator, effectuating strategy and change in service to the stakeholders, the public, and employees. My deep and broad experience in many facets of education included extensive diversity and a global focus. Through an entrepreneurial spirit & collaborative teamwork, the organizations grew, and human capital was enhanced.  

Future-focused, People-centric Leader

Engaging the most vital part of the organization – its people is the impetus for organizational improvement.   Empowering human capital drives the strategic direction of an organization toward excellence.  I bring value through an inquisitive mind, courage, and commitment to the vision, mission, and purpose of an organization. By transforming and re-aligning the value proposition of stakeholders, I implement strategies to help achieve goals – managing key priorities, spearheading the strategic planning and implementation process, and working with diverse minds. Through innovation and diverse interconnectedness, businesses, education, and governments prosper.  Working together, we can meet the challenges of our future.

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Sue E. Henderson

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