"Have a vision. Be demanding."
Colin Powell


As an award-winning general and bariatric surgeon with a distinguished career of more than 25 years in the United States Army Medical Corps., my clinical expertise is instrumental in providing high-quality healthcare to my patients. Simultaneously, I work closely with other providers for multidisciplinary treatment plans to bring about favorable patient outcomes.

Compassionate Care Provider

With a solid commitment to equity and inclusion, I acknowledge the importance of diversity in thought and promote sharing ideas, collaboration, and curiosity in practice. I continue to be a dedicated teacher and mentor to medical students, residents, and fellows.

Healthcare Advocate

Additionally, my medical research interests include obesity surgery outcomes and bariatric surgery patient education programs. Further, I’ve established, led, and invested in several outpatient health centers, ensuring that staff and physicians have the resources they need to provide excellent patient care while meeting the changing needs of evolving practices.

Currently, I am seeking new opportunities to provide Board-Level leadership to public or private healthcare entities that share my values for excellence in care and patient experience.

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