Steve Richard

Solutions Oriented Passionate Leader
"Where there is no vision, there is no hope. "
George Washington Carver


As a lifelong learner, I consistently aim to improve and advance my skillsets. My cultural understanding, empathy, and international experience having lived and worked in China make me a valuable asset to any board looking to improve their business.

My diverse background in cybersecurity, financial services, media, and entertainment, empowers me to add value in many different industries.

Positive Change Maker

Whether developing and exploring new technologies or creating opportunities for others, I strive to make a difference.

I’ve invested my career working in technology and innovation. I welcome the opportunity to get out of my “comfort zone” and make breakthroughs for a positive impact, whether on a personal, local, or global scale. 

I am enthusiastic about helping others achieve their dreams. As a result, I enjoy mentoring and coaching to help people meet their goals.

Expert In Risk And Cultural Understanding

Having worked extensively with companies and organizations worldwide, I am an expert in the relevance of cultural understanding in business. I bring this expertise to the board room to help executive teams understand how to best work with different cultures.

I’ve done everything from risk consulting to advising on large-scale infrastructure projects to working with governments on improving their security apparatus.

What sets me apart is my ability not just to understand risk but also to understand the cultural context within which it exists. In addition, my extensive experience allows me to provide more nuanced and practical advice on many topics and concerns that impact companies and organizations competing on a global scale.

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