"Change what you can, manage what you can't"


Stephanie S. Anderson has a talent for identifying an organization’s current state and its future goals, especially when cultivating high-performance teams. Her journey in this field showcases her ability to turn that vision into reality.

Starting in the competitive fields of technology and telecom, Stephanie has always been at the forefront of change. At Charter Communications, she led a team of 1500 sales associates, steering them through the challenges of a post-COVID world and hitting ambitious sales targets. Her leadership wasn’t just about managing numbers; she also cultivated an environment where authentic leadership thrived and every team member felt valued and understood.

Her approach is holistic and grounded in real-world experience. She believes in the power of listening—truly hearing her team’s needs and aspirations. From there, she synthesizes the diverse input into a cohesive strategy, always focusing on the end goal.
Stephanie’s initiatives, such as overhauling customer service protocols at Time Warner Cable to boost satisfaction and loyalty, have consistently resulted in increased efficiency. Similarly, her integration of innovative sales strategies that spanned multiple channels has led to significant growth.

What sets Stephanie apart is her ability to formulate and execute strategies and her capacity to guide her teams through them. She turns potential into performance by providing clear, strategic direction and fostering a culture of collaboration and respect. This skill makes her an invaluable asset to any board or C-suite looking to reach and exceed their goals with a team that is as engaged as it is effective.

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