"In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute."
Thurgood Marshall


I’m an expert on the development, positioning, and coaching of talent for success. I work to provide solutions that overcome what is preventing our top performers from thriving in their roles.

Agile C-Suite Executive & Author

My background includes more than 25 years of corporate experience, ten years of higher education and my doctorate brings a research and evidence based approach to business solutions.

It is crucial to take into account all stakeholders for post-pandemic work relations. Going back to old ways isn’t the direction forward. Based on research and analysis, understanding both sides may bring about solutions that align on every level for tremendous success.

Opportunity Creator For Women of Color

I am a curious and creative person who likes to put her skills toward the best possible outcome in every pursuit. I believe in using talent wisely and relying on their strengths to build a brighter, more inclusive future.

The most crucial ingredient to success is talent. You may have a genius idea, but without people willing and able to bring it to fruition, you’ll never achieve your goals. No matter how pointed the strategy or plan of attack is for achieving business goals, if “gifted” employees aren’t thriving, success becomes harder to achieve. This theory gets proven time after time when businesses crumble from within due to broken spirits caused by poor management decisions that put the needs of talent last.

Well-known for my philanthropic work, I’ve served as a board trustee at Steppenwolf Theatre and the Human Resource Management Association of Chicago. Additionally, I’m an active member of The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), which develops leaders from diverse backgrounds to help position them for success at companies or institutions, building inclusive pipelines throughout firms.

A graduate of Northwestern University with degrees in English literature, integrated marketing communications and business administration, and a Certified Director in the NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors), I seek to use my voice and experience to inspire and motivate others.

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