Control your online presence to achieve your next professional goal
"In today's world, a first impression isn't an impression until it's validated online."


When we created this service, to build and control your online presence, we realized that what we are actually creating is your ‘Online Signature’. That led to Signitt.

We have over 20 years of experience creating and “packaging” profiles for major corporations and highly successful C-Suite executives. Some executives need a higher profile for job advancement; others are transitioning careers or looking for board positions. They all realize that a strong, complete online image is essential to ongoing success.

We have interviewed over 800 people and created their stories to establish or reinforce their online presence. We saw that over 90% of our interviewees were men. This is when, six years ago, our Signitt mission to help women was born.

For every woman in leadership for whom we create a Signitt, we create an online presence for a young woman who would not have access to this service herself. We do this at no cost, to help her kickstart her career. That’s our commitment to giving back. This is Signitt Propel.

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