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Siew Ting Foo is a distinguished global marketing leader currently serving as the Global Chief Brand Officer and Head of Insights for HP Inc. With a career spanning over 25 years, Siew Ting has garnered extensive expertise in multinational marketing and business transformation. Her mission revolves around building enduring brands and businesses that create substantial shareholder value.

Strategic Vision and Leadership
Throughout her career, Siew Ting has been instrumental in redefining brand narratives and fostering innovation within global organizations. Her strategic initiatives have encompassed repositioning global brands for local resonance and pioneering new product categories. Siew Ting’s expertise lies in steering businesses towards reinvention, ensuring they remain aligned with their fundamental purpose and values.

Inclusive Leadership and Innovation
Siew Ting is not only a strategic visionary but also a dedicated advocate for inclusive leadership and innovation. As a ‘servant leader,’ she has cultivated a collaborative work culture, encouraging creativity and data-driven insights. Her human-centric approach to marketing has earned her recognition in the industry, including multiple accolades from Campaign Asia’s Power and Influential List of CMOs. Siew Ting’s commitment to fostering diversity and her focus on meaningful innovation continue to shape the landscape of global marketing.

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