"A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is Not What Ships Are Built For."
John A. Shedd


Catalyst for innovation and evolution of culture 

A sophisticated and experienced commercial lawyer with organizational intelligence and understanding of the influence and impact potential of law in business.  As a systemic thinker and effective collaborator across complex organizations, I possess the credibility and judgment to drive strategy-focused execution that reflects and engages with an organizations core values. I also strive to be a catalyst for thoughtful innovation and sustainable evolution of culture within organizations. The anthropologist in me is always looking to understand the culture and relationships within an organization – where the spheres of influence are and how to be most effective at the intersection of functions and competing priorities.

I want to integrate the legal function fully within the culture of business to best position us to capture opportunities and avoid risks through legal innovation and a deep understanding of the competitive and regulatory landscape and trends.  Whether it is creating informal relationships throughout an organization to iterate and build or to support new thinking and approaches, I have a strong ability to spearhead and create momentum in a discerning and sustainable way.  

Systemic thinker & enterprise collaborator

I thrive when I serve as an adviser and thought partner at the most senior levels of an organization. My strength as a flexible and principled leader with creative team-building strategies and organizational relevance helps drive broad engagement across all levels.

I have a successful record of establishing cultures of collaboration, candor and cross-functionality within the legal teams and organizations I have led. I invest intentionally in developing and empowering the next generation of leaders and creative minds in business law.  

Building the pipeline to include more diverse talent and varied work styles is one way to ensure that an organization will continue to have access to top-notch talent in order to support its strategic priorities. Organizations with cultures that can tap into their diversity, and are skilled at communicating and living their core values while supporting multiple and evolving expressions of those priorities, will be more resilient and successful over the long-term. This holds true especially as we move forward with different expectations from new generations of workers who demand greater flexibility of work styles and meaning from their work.

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