"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence."

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Sandy McCarthy is a highly accomplished Senior Business Leader and Strategist renowned for her global business experience and cultural understanding. With comprehensive expertise in the financial services industry, she excels in strategic planning, business growth, operations management, and business transformation. Sandy’s foresight enables her to connect the present to the future, driving organizations toward long-term success.

Throughout her career, Sandy has successfully executed organization realignments, devised business plans, and orchestrated acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures. Her in-depth knowledge spans business delivery models, client service and retention, global business management, talent acquisition and retention, and global workforce oversight. She has spearheaded initiatives to strengthen critical business practices such as risk management, technology utilization, operations optimization, customer service, financial metrics, and resource utilization.

As an excellent communicator, Sandy effortlessly establishes relationships with clients and boards, skillfully negotiates contracts, and fosters positive employee engagement, resulting in remarkable achievements.

Currently serving as the President of Retirement Services at OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc., Sandy holds a prominent position where she drives the company’s growth and success.

Previously, as the North America Region Benefits Administration Business Leader and Senior Partner at Mercer, Sandy directed the health and benefits, defined benefit, and defined contribution business for a vast clientele of 244 clients and 4 million participants. While at Mercer, she also held the role of Asia Pacific Outsourcing Business Leader/CEO, Senior Partner based in Melbourne, Australia. She managed and directed the retirement and wealth management business for 450 clients and 1.2 million members in this capacity.

Moreover, Sandy McCarthy is a passionate advocate for education and mentoring, further contributing to her well-rounded profile as a distinguished senior executive.

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