"Caring is an essential professional ingredient to working with legacy families."

30+ years of experience as a trusted advisor


For over 30 years I have worked exclusively in the field of private client services as a trusts & estate practitioner. My work encompasses legacy planning/private wealth planning for large American families. Examples include:

  1. Intergenerational wealth transfer planning for family owned businesses and family philanthropic organizations,
  2. Organizational and governance planning for families and family offices,
  3. Philanthropic planning with family private foundations, and
  4. Complex estate & trust litigation.

​My multi-disciplinary work is focused on working closely in the field of family legacy planning for family enterprises – i.e., those families whose wealth is closely tied to and aligned with their family businesses and philanthropic initiatives.

These are legacy families who seek to perpetuate their business enterprise(s), their philanthropic initiatives and most importantly their family values into future generations.

My practice includes extensive collaboration with non-lawyer professionals who specialize in family business and charitable planning.

These families are reaching out to me, not only for my broad multi-disciplinary experience in working with significant families, but also because of my appreciating that their most cherished asset is their family.

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