Roslyn M. Brock

Arbiter of Social Impact
"Courage Will Not Skip This Generation™"
Roslyn M. Brock


Roslyn is Founder and CEO for Equity Partnership Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm that provides strategic advice and facilitation on racial equity, community investments, and risk mitigation for operational growth, talent acquisition and measurable social impact.

In her 25 plus years of work, Roslyn has held leadership roles in advocacy, community health, health equity, government relations, diversity and philanthropy. Her keen interest in improving the lives of marginalized and under resourced communities led to various executive level roles at leading health care and non-profit organizations.

Health Equity Champion
As Chief Advocacy Officer for the nation’s fifth-largest Catholic healthcare system, she provided enterprise-wide leadership to advance healthcare reform, health equity and social justice initiatives for vulnerable populations. She partnered with multi-level federal and state stakeholders to transform and align community health standards for broader health equity, access and quality results.

Arbiter of Social Impact
Roslyn is a courageous visionary with a strategic worldview that aids in aligning policies, programs, practices and people to maximize stakeholder value. As a social policy change agent, her proudest moment was in 2010 when she was unanimously elected the youngest person and fourth woman Chairman of the NAACP National Board of Directors.

Strategic Collaborator
Roslyn has excelled as a strategic collaborator and change catalyst by leveraging a well-cultivated network of influencers in government, corporate and community entities, health care, civil and human rights, and philanthropy to improve key performance indicators for sustainable social impact.

Solutions Driven Strategist
Roslyn’s passion and expertise in social justice advocacy result in innovative equitable solutions for complex societal problems. Through stakeholder engagement and influence, she facilitates courageous conversations to advance allyship to mitigate operational risk and effect meaningful change.

She has a national reputation as a highly accomplished and trusted health policy advocate, social justice leader, and mentor dedicated to championing equitable partnerships for proven results and sustainable impact.

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