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I lead one of the country’s preeminent banking and financial services practices, where I advise domestic and international banks, investment advisers, broker-dealers, mortgage servicers, student loan servicers, consumer lending companies, and emerging financial services providers on complex regulatory, enforcement, and transactional issues. My practice focuses on counseling banks, as well as innovators in the digital space, in meeting compliance obligations in a complex web of regulatory requirements. I am an active member of the firm’s Consumer Financial Services Group, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Group, FinTech Group, and Digital Assets Initiative.

High-Level Corporate Lawyer

My practice focuses on a range of matters at the intersection of law, business, and government policy. I have significant experience in commercial, government-facing, and appellate litigation, as well as strategic counseling in high-stakes cases, anti-discrimination matters, and investigations. I maintain an active enforcement practice and defend banks, card issuers, mortgage servicers, auto finance companies, student loan servicers, and other financial services providers before the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and other federal and state enforcement bodies. I have deep experience with the most complex and high-stakes enforcement actions.

Dual Background


I work at the intersection of law, business, and government policy. My dual background in corporate and private practice provides me with valuable insights and perspectives. I am able to spot issues and potential risks ahead of time and produce solutions on the spot. Although my experiences are broad, my focus is on current issues connected to new communication technologies.

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