"The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety."
Deepak Chopra


As Chief Human Resource Officer at Globalization Partners, I am leading all facets of our global workforce, while playing a key strategic role in scaling the company and culture to meet the surging demands of remote work across the globe. I have been in Human Resources for the last two decades helping organizations create and unlock their Talent practices, build strong global companies with a purpose and high-performing teams, curate workplaces for talent to thrive, and develop strong and empathetic leadership muscle.

HR Strategies Innovator

I have experience leading HR in companies ranging from start-ups to high-growth, with specific expertise in business turnaround situations in global complex organizations. My super powers include strong business acumen, strategic partnership skills, compassionate and boundary-less HR, ability to build brilliant teams and innovative HR products, coaching leaders, influencing across organizational and global boundaries to shape Talent practices and Business results.

Champion of the Rise of All

Having a career in Human Resources has allowed me to focus on improving employee welfare and creating a positive impact in people’s lives. When employees feel valued and respected they are more engaged with the company and its mission.

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