"Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity."


I am a strategic growth accelerator and steward for humanity, with four decades of executive experience in the health care industry. A natural problem-solver who meets challenges head-on, I am well-suited to bring my expertise in operations and business development to board service with a hospital or health care system. 

Highly Experienced Growth Leader 

I am focused on addressing health equity at the board level, seeking to give voice to the needs of those who are often unheard, overlooked, and underserved, particularly among communities of color. Along with my team, I have worked to foster a culture of DEI, helping to prepare the company’s more than 15,000 clinicians – practicing across 48 states and hundreds of communities – to approach every patient encounter with deep awareness, ensuring all patients feel safe, respected, and valued. 

Authentic Networker & Trusted Advisor

I am adept at cultivating relationships, building broad and diverse professional networks, and partnering with hospital and health systems administrators in solving the multi-dimensional challenges of today’s health care ecosystem.  I have distinct experience in project management, leadership development, team facilitation, sales and marketing, and process redesign.

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