"Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives."
Michelle Obama


As an action-oriented executive with over a decade of multi-dimensional experience leading financial institutions on a global scale, I’m passionate about leading transformation.

I’ve gained significant experience in developing and implementing innovative strategies, championing operational change and originating performance enhancements.

Specific areas of expertise include spearheading digitization efforts, re-imagining end-to-end processes, optimizing operating models, improving client experience, enhancing revenue integrity, consolidating redundant platforms, reducing manual inputs, or increasing efficiencies. 

Multi-Dimensional Leadership

Having worked in several global roles, including living and working in South America and the Caribbean, I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and have a working knowledge of Portuguese. My adaptability and effective communication skills with decision-makers and influencers in burgeoning markets and territories is a valuable asset to any leadership team.

My diverse expertise includes performing opportunity assessments and leveraging research-based data, trends, and insights. Using this information, I adeptly translate market needs, define product strategy and roadmaps, and create business use cases to support product requirements.

Process Development Visionary 

As more of the world turns to digitization, either wholly or in part, I’ve played significant roles in transforming businesses digital efforts and innovating accelerated automation. I’ve revamped platforms to optimize the efficiency of the operating model. These upgrades streamlined the platform leading to improved user satisfaction  and ensuring revenue integrity. 

I take pride in applying my skills and expertise to make meaningful advancements, improvements and modernizations within all of my professional endeavors. 


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