Rebekah Gee

Visionary Physician and Leader
"It always seems impossible until it's done."
Nelson Mandela


As a driver of positive transformation, I’m a motivator. Whether working with talented people to implement change or recruiting and bolstering others’ abilities, I take delight in helping people achieve and obtain their goals.

Visionary Physician

While the healthcare industry faces many challenges handling the population’s changing needs, I’m passionate about providing equitable healthcare to all.

As an advocate for women and children, I have focused on improving the outcomes that matter most—my quality improvement efforts in Louisiana have lowered prematurity, decreased infant mortality, and reduced severe sickness from pregnancy leading to better outcomes for families, and lives saved.

As the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, I oversaw a Medicaid expansion that extended coverage to over 500,000 Louisianans.

My work helped implement extended access to primary and preventive health care services, not just basic coverage for over 500K citizens of the state.

As a visionary physician and policymaker, I developed a “first in the nation” elimination campaign for Hepatitis C by spearheading successful drug-pricing negotiations and leading national policy discussions on creating affordable pharmaceuticals.

Community Builder

Years of experience have taught me that resilience is vital. Significant changes come from dedication, hard work, and collaboration. When we work together to meet a common goal, it’s incredible what we can achieve.

Progress only stops when we give up, and surrendering isn’t an option.

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