"Leadership is the legacy you leave in other's successes."

Catalyst for Boardroom Innovation


With over four decades of experience in board service and executive leadership, I’ve dedicated myself to fostering environments where every voice is heard and valued. As an independent advisor and board member, I’m committed to cultivating high-performance boardroom cultures and strengthening CEO partnerships.

My journey has taken me “both sides of the table,” from serving on private and public company boards to leading as a CEO in nonprofit and public sectors. Along the way, I’ve championed stakeholder engagement, believing in the power of diverse perspectives to drive sustainable growth. I’m deeply passionate about supporting women and people of color, knowing that diverse boards and inclusive practices are key to unlocking a company’s full potential.

Looking ahead, I see my path converging toward guiding family businesses toward prosperity as a consultant. I aim to create lasting legacies and sustainable competitive advantages by nurturing strong board cultures and aligning company values. As I continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of governance, I’m driven by the belief that culture truly eats strategy for lunch, and our shared values will pave the way for success.

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