"Do the right thing...even when no one is looking."

Certified Physician Executive with Cross Industry Business Acumen


As a practicing physician executive with extensive leadership experience in both the provider space and the health insurance space, I have a deep comprehension of the nuances of reimbursement models including face-to-face as well as synchronous & asynchronous virtual care. 

My expertise in value-based health care, combined with the ability to lead and influence provider groups and hospital systems to adopt this reimbursement model vs. standard fee for service, helps to improve quality outcomes for patients while making health care more affordable for all. 

Highly Collaborative Leader

As a solutions-oriented leader and a driven business influencer, I’m not afraid to make unpopular decisions to arrive at a workable solution. In addition, I have a proven track record as a respected collaborator, team player, and leader.

While the health care landscape continues to evolve, I have a proven ability to see around corners and anticipate opportunities or issues before they arise. For example, throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, I served as a liaison and advocate for healthcare systems and stakeholders. My leadership helped provide stability throughout the situation while minimizing patient disruptions.

My work often requires me to collaborate closely with key decision-makers, team members, physicians, and organizations to develop business plans that enhance overall care delivery processes and outcomes for patients of all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.

Certified Physician Executive with Strong Business Acumen and Clinical Skills

I bring a 360 perspective as a physician working in a successful business model. As an experienced physician, I strive to provide value-based care that improves the health of the patient, delivers a much more pleasant experience, with reimbursement based partly on better health outcomes.

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