Perrin Quarshie

Purpose Driven Change Maker who advocates for accessibility
"Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity."

Nuclear Engineer with Financial & Business Acumen


Nuclear Engineer with Financial & Business Acumen

As the Founder & CEO of RealBlocks, I aim to provide an online platform that provides access and liquidity for alternative investments. Realblocks democratizes access by lowering the required minimum investment amount, providing international access, and allowing investor liquidity via secondary trading.

I began my career as a civil engineer at NAC International, focusing on real estate development and financing energy infrastructure projects. Soon after, I pursued a graduate degree from MIT, where I researched the implications of Blockchain Technology for capital markets. My technical expertise and deep financial knowledge help me to develop software to solve problems for a larger target audience.

Body, Mind & Soul Influencer

My positive, health-focused, and sporty lifestyle builds on my personality, helping attract customers and investors. In addition, my international background and cultural understanding give me a broader perspective and insight into people.

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