"Culture is the driving force of any successful business. If we don’t live the culture, we won’t achieve our goals."


As a dedicated and trusted leader in the healthcare industry, my extensive background in healthcare systems, succession planning, executive compensation, acquisitions, and mergers has helped me deliver results.

Leader With Strong Business Acumen

My no-nonsense approach to finding common grounds and establishing universal values has contributed significant cost savings, mainly when applied to organizational design structures.

I create workflows to integrate systems, streamline processes, and anticipate challenges to facilitate growth.

Having extensive experience in the M&A process, I can skillfully assess, develop and execute business strategies that facilitate growth, minimize risk, and maximize revenues, ROI, and productivity for start-ups, mergers, and acquisitions.

When business growth is top of mind, I utilize effective strategies to attract, hire, and retain talent in multiple roles. By deploying these strategies, it’s much easier to scale a high-performing workforce for mission-critical requirements.

Creator Of Cultures Of Inclusion

My experience working on the boards of Not-For-Profits taught me a great deal about governance and management.

In my roles, I strive to build strong cultures where people want to belong, where they want to work together to pursue shared goals and objectives. My diligent and fundamental approach helps to ensure the board, leadership, and company is in alignment.

Currently, I’m an active board member serving Telecare Corporation and the March of Dimes in Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly, I served as Board Chair and Vice-Chair for Centura Health, Board Chair for the CHI Foundation, and as a board member for the Mercy One Health System.

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Patricia Golden Webb- Cultural Strategist

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