"Do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons"


I am an experienced business leader with global operating experience at multinational healthcare and medical technology companies. With a passion for harnessing the creativity of teams and the power of technology to improve healthcare access and patient outcomes, my goal is to be a catalyst for solving unmet medical needs. I have built a reputation for innovative thinking, operational execution, business turnarounds, and talent development.

Sustainable Business Leader

Having lived in different places and experienced different cultures, I can view situations from a global perspective coupled with local expertise – to execute plans successfully. This cross-cultural understanding helps me detect opportunities and risks. My broad global experience in developing new markets and products has allowed me to be a social chameleon – with an intuitive sense of how to connect with people.

Healthcare Equity Advocate

My vision and mission are to make healthcare broadly accessible to all. I want to be able to bridge the gap between technology and patient/consumer perspectives to ensure consumer needs are being met whilst leveraging dynamic technology.

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Nnamdi Njoku

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