"True change begins when we understand the power of empathy. "


As an advocate for value-driven healthcare innovation, I’ve dedicated my career to transforming the landscape of patient care. My journey through strategic and commercial roles has cemented my commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery and accessibility. With an MBA specialized in healthcare management and a background in political science, I strive to merge analytical insights with compassionate policy-making to serve diverse populations.

Value-Based Healthcare Strategist

In my current role as Director of Value Based Performance and Strategy at SOMOS Innovation, I lead initiatives to optimize healthcare practices and patient outcomes. My experience as an MBA Intern in Commercial Strategy at Cedar equipped me to navigate complex healthcare markets, ensuring that strategic growth aligns with patient-centric values.

Healthcare System Innovator

As an Investment Fellow at FemHealth Ventures and a Digital Initiative Leader at Sanofi, I’ve focused on propelling digital solutions and investments that drive progress in women’s health and broader healthcare sectors. These roles have honed my ability to identify and nurture innovative healthcare ventures that promise substantial, sustainable impact. My aim is always to empower, inspire, and transform the essential healthcare services that touch all our lives.

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