"Promote the safe and efficient use of excavation shoring practices"


NAXSA is an association created to promote the safe and efficient use of excavation shoring practices. It was formed to represent manufacturers, engineers, rental companies/distributors, universities/educators, associates/suppliers and government agency representatives who share the common goal of maintaining safety in the excavation shoring industry with the result of zero deaths and injuries.

The focus of NAXSA is to provide its valued members with the tools and resources to help them and their businesses achieve success and recognition as leaders in the industry. Valuable benefits of being a NAXSA member is that exclusive, top-notch training and certifications are offered.

Members will find it easy to communicate and benefit by staying connected through the NAXSA website. A user name and password will be assigned to members in order to be guaranteed access to all of the exclusive benefits and resources that a NAXSA membership offers.

As a leader in the industry, it is vital that the member network have influence in the areas that affect their businesses. As such, NAXSA is the authority and voice of the industry and is dedicated to providing services and opportunities to its members in order to help them reach and maintain success and a leadership role in the industry.

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