"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A driven and visionary leader who unites people for the common good


I’m a business professional with a knack for turning organizations around. I’ve led teams in the private and nonprofit sectors, bringing people together to get things done. I have extensive experience with running boards, fundraising, strategic planning, and program development. My deep understanding of organizational culture and my ability to build relationships are assets to every organization I serve.

My “Total Engaged Teamwork” strategy has been the key to my success and earned me top performer honors on several occasions, as I build diverse teams and allow them to flourish. 

Forward Thinking Strategist

I take a systematic approach to establish footholds in target demographics. Having worked with different organizations, I can offer the best advice for long-term and short-term strategies. I am convinced that a solid education is a key to fixing disparities wherever they exist.

Advocate For Humanhood

My multifaceted approach to problems is one of the reasons for my success. I’m always first to raise my hand and ask tough questions when faced with a difficult situation. I am willing to explore endless avenues until I find an innovative solution. When unforeseen challenges arise, I have a plan B in place that helps to ensure success.

One core belief I hold dear is creating unity and working together to close gaps that separate us. By finding common ground and building bridges, we can create opportunities that bring our country together.

My lengthy and proven track record of success is unprecedented in my industry. I am successful because I surround myself with passionate, hardworking people who share my vision for a bright and promising future. 

In my executive role, I create new ideas, strategies, and policies that offer a good solution for people and the government. 

I am in alignment with a diverse range of communities. I focus on bringing about beneficial and meaningful changes that will benefit society and the organizations I serve.

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