"The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within."
Mahatma Ghandi


My professional career leads me in one direction, time after time, no matter what I do to direct it elsewhere.  Companies, communities, organizations, and ideas reach a point where something has to give.  People start to sense what’s next and it’s often a big leap. They reach for a new kind of help to get there – whether through a referral, by word-of-mouth, or chance – and we sit down to talk.

I help people find, deep in what they know and in the way things are, a flame that’s begging for more oxygen.  Together, we bring it up for air.  Then, through a process of strategy, planning, and communication, we create the infrastructure that helps their flame ignite the next big thing. 

Fun?  You bet.  End of story?  Hardly.  The next step is a complicated one:  leading culture change.   Remember that big leap?  These days,  the average person doesn’t wake up looking for yet another big change to make.  Study psychology and you’ll spend a good deal of time on the topic of resistance.  The challenge is to navigate a path that helps others welcome the change – not as someone else’s idea, but as the flame of their own desire.

More fun.  Doing this has taken me down avenues that stretched beyond my wildest imagination.  Appearances on “Larry King Live”, “Today,” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”  came from talking about how our neighborhoods have changed to include privately-owned places that function as public spaces.  Helping nurses protect their patients from management changes that take away front line whistleblower protections led to feature coverage for the issue in The Washington Post and on ABC News “Nightline.”  Reimagining the future with one of the oldest women’s PACs sparked a moonshot to strengthen the platform on which all the issues are decided:  50/50 representation, men and women, nationwide, by 2028.

Along the way, a seasoned team came together to help give voice to ideas as diverse as new approaches to the conflict in Northern Ireland and reasons for Americans to shift gears on the ways they get around, like autonomous vehicles.

Where do you want to go?  And how will you get there?  Change is constant.  What big things are driving change in your realm? 

I’d love to help you connect the dots in ways that create openings in cultural thinking, revealing not just intersections, but portals to brave new worlds.

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