""Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions.""
Albert Einstein


Analytical Team Leader

With a recent degree in Business Administration from Chapman University, I am an analytical team player distinguished by my proactive approach to spearheading and launching interdisciplinary projects. My commitment to taking initiative goes hand in hand with a continuous quest for learning and inspiration. In this era dominated by technological advancements, particularly AI growth, I am fascinated by the dynamic between generative AI and human expertise. Armed with analytical skills and an innovative mindset, I strike a balance between leveraging technology and human knowledge to drive success. Proficient in data visualization tools, I navigate the evolving landscape with an adaptive perspective, embodying the essence of an analytical team leader.

Interpersonal-Oriented and Innovative Visionary

Thriving on collaboration and driven by an innate desire to inspire and be inspired, I am an interpersonal-oriented and innovative visionary. Actively involved in crafting and launching projects, my approach extends beyond analytical skills to encompass a holistic, interdisciplinary mindset. I bring this vision to life by not only contributing analytically but embodying my role as an interpersonal-oriented innovative strategist. In the intersection of human skills and AI advancements, I find my passion for creating a harmonious blend that results in meaningful contributions. Ready to make an impact, I am a dependable professional who not only solves problems but also strives to leave a lasting mark on every endeavor.

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