Millie Tan

Integrative Strategic Thinker
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"


I’m a marketing strategist with a proven track record of creating incremental business growth. I’m unafraid to imagine new possibilities to gain insights, set goals, and brilliantly execute blueprints in multiple sectors and industries, including technology, the internet, consumer electronics, and life science.

Holistic Problem Solver

One of my most vital skills is evaluating challenging situations, connecting the dots, and exploring unique solutions as a passionate problem solver. 

My aptitude for establishing trust and cultivating common ground with diverse audiences and colleagues stems from investing time and effort to understand their perspectives better. 

Based on this feedback, I reframe the issue to explore creative and “out-of-the-box” solutions to the problems at hand. 

Strategic Leadership

I’ve led organizations to implement innovative processes throughout my career that helped them stay ahead of operational trends and strategies. 

I’ve mentored cross-functional teams with global experience working in worldwide roles and in-market operating assignments in Europe and Asia to generate ideas to streamline marketing and meet sales objectives with ease.

From articulating a strategic vision into a straightforward, persuasive storyline to developing modern marketing strategies that speak to today’s issues while addressing tomorrow’s needs, I’m an effective communicator. 

As an independent consultant, I bring transformative, analysis-driven and elegant solutions to accelerate growth for new product launches, markets and extended demographics in various industries and verticals.

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