"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do."
Sarah Ban Breathnach


As an experienced senior executive and U.S Navy veteran, I bring over two decades of Aerospace and Defense industry experience. My international exposure, coupled with a distinctive blend of business acumen and stakeholder engagement skills, has fostered a track record of enhancing profitability and unlocking the potential of executive teams- culminating in over $14 billion in new, organic value creation.

Mission Driven Growth Leader

I am dedicated to fostering shared access to defense technology. Specializing in guiding A&D companies to expand into new markets, achieve production scale, and optimize margins, my expertise spans diverse domains and organizational levels on a global scale. Through a dynamic communication style, I’ve facilitated strategic planning processes and presented growth opportunities at several levels. Advising on potential acquisitions and strategic joint ventures, my approach is centered on propelling collective thinking and stimulating global expansion.

Inspirational Team Builder

Guided by purpose and driven to inspire collaborative excellence, my commitment lies in fostering collective growth and forging resilient connections within diverse environments. Recognizing the significance of shared goals and the need for a unified approach to defense technology, my professional path underscores the belief in the potency of collaborative teams to navigate complexities, achieve scale, and unlock future prospects.

In leading companies through transformative landscapes, my focus remains on fostering profitability and inspiring teams to take bold and decisive actions. At the heart of my approach is a strategic, mission-driven narrative that serves as the compass guiding each stride forward.

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