"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."
Albert Einstein


I’ve earned accolades as an award-winning senior conceptual copywriter, renowned for infusing humor into my work and crafting stories that deeply resonate with audiences. But my impact extends beyond advertising. As a dedicated trail runner, I thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons, embodying the adventurous spirit that defines me.

In pursuit of knowledge and growth, I’ve embarked on a journey as a Screenwriting student at The New School in New York, delving into the art of storytelling with newfound passion. This dual pursuit reflects my insatiable curiosity and commitment to evolving as both an artist and an individual.

As a participant in the Association of Communication & Advertising’s Women in Leadership program, I actively champion diversity and representation in the industry, serving as a mentor and role model for aspiring creatives.

Driven by my belief that humor is a superpower, I approach every challenge with wit, strategy, and a relentless determination to make a difference. With each step I take—whether on the trails or in the boardroom—I’m paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future, one idea, one adventure at a time.

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