"The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena."
Tim Cook

Advocate for Small Businesses


Purposefully and intentionally in pursuit of personalized customer experiences, over the course of my career, I have had the honor and privilege of serving in a multiplicity of business areas that have enabled me to hone my unique ability for creating meaningful experiences for customers at the intersection of personalization.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As an entrepreneur, I have owned and operated a variety of businesses spanning real estate, retail, consulting, and education. My passion for entrepreneurship grew and that took me to Atlanta Technical College, where I taught Marketing and Business Law classes to small business owners as an adjunct.

Bringing Together Start-Ups & Large Organizations

Today, I get to leverage my diverse upbringing, talents, and experiences in heading leadership development at AT&T’s Leader Lab. At the heart of my role is the capability-building responsibility of raising AT&T’s collective game as we continually reinvent a whole world of possibilities for individual and enterprise customers. It’s indeed a tall order that I do not take lightly as today’s AT&T rests on a rich history and purpose to create connection – with each other, with what people need to thrive in their everyday lives, and with the stories and experiences that matter.

Advocate for Small Businesses 

As Co-FoundHER, About My Sister’s Business, promoting economic empowerment for black female business owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a venture that is especially close to my heart, I am a strong believer in equipping small businesses with resources to achieve sustainable businesses. I understand the role, small business owners, all over the world play in personalizing customer experience each day. As a former small business owner, I also understand the facets that small business owners must juggle while helping their customers realize their goals.

I am well-equipped and passionate about what I do each day. I have a keen ability to maintain focus on the problems at hand while driving strategic operational alignment; evangelizing customer centricity and delivering well-executed customer experience strategies; assembling the right talent to make an impact, and understanding the power for influence in driving sustainable success.

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