"Far better it is to dare mighty things, even though checkered with failure, than to take rank with those poor souls who know not victory or defeat."
Teddy Roosevelt


I’m inspired by helping patients to improve their quality of life. I enjoy exploring big picture strategies and joining seemingly disparate ideas and concepts to create viable solutions.

Universal Perspective

I bring creative business ideas to market segments that rely on science and clinical-based research. My extensive experience working with international companies includes groundbreaking work in Medical Devices with a focus on Interventional Cardiology in APAC. Japan, China, and ASEAN are regions where I’ve enjoyed success.

My work history includes managing six regional Marketing Directors based in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Lebanon, and South Africa. Additionally, I oversaw forty-five in-country managers across these regions. My leadership contributed to over $700 million in revenue across those regions.

My diverse background in Sales, Marketing, Professional Education, Internal Training, Capital Equipment, Disposables, Implantables Service Organizations and General Management is a valuable asset to many companies.

I’ve been a member of several professional organizations over the years. These organizations include: AdvaMed, the American Chamber of Commerce Japan (ACCJ) Medical Device & Diagnostics Subcommittee, the American Medical Devices and Diagnostics Manufacturers’ Association (AMDD,) and the Japan/Ireland Economic Association (JIEA.)

Calculated Risk Taker

Without risk, there is no potential for reward. I feel the outcome – whether positive or negative, is critical to personal and professional growth.  While I take risks, they are always carefully considered for personal and organizational success.

My education in Liberal arts and fluency in Japanese gives me a diverse perspective that extends across cultures. I always strive to gain a better understanding of each pain point. With this information, I create comprehensive and multi-prong solutions for the challenges at hand.

Strategic Planner

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I’m always open to new challenges and connections. Critical roles, including global product positioning, executing promotional strategies, and sales management, interest me. Other areas of expertise include overseeing operations, inventory planning, product development leadership, and R&D direction.

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