"Listen with curiosity. Speak with intellectual honesty. Act with integrity."


I am a seasoned executive in the hospitality and tourism industry who is relentlessly devoted to seeking the collective good, serving a higher purpose, and sharing the gift of community. 

A highly effective communicator with a “big-picture” vision I have the unique ability to relate to anyone at any level, professionally and personally. Adept at building great teams, I am known for creating an open and honoring culture, and empowering individuals to find joy and meaning in their collective mission. 

Highly Succesful Business Leader

With more than four decades of progressive leadership with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, I have an impeccable record of strong fiscal performance, consistently surpassing corporate goals in market positioning and sales and margin growth. Distinctive skills include developing and executing corporate and business strategy, leading organizational change and crisis management initiatives, implementing diversity and inclusion programs, creating sustainable work environments, and bringing boards, teams, and communities together to achieve shared goals. 

Charismatic Community Leader

 With an abiding commitment to community wellbeing, I abundantly give time, expertise, and convictions. My robust history of board service includes chair and member positions with 13 boards of civic, professional, and national advocacy organizations. I have supported many programs and organizations devoted to diversity and inclusion and have been recognized for my contributions to LGBTQ+ advocacy, advancement of arts and culture, educational initiatives, and spiritual programs. 

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Michael O'Keith Smith

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